Incredible India !!


A few days ago I came across an AD made by the guys at India Tourism, and actually loved it. What about you?

I also found a quote by the German philologist, Max Müller which seemed befitting to the above video.

“India, what can it teach us?,

“If I were to look over the whole world to find out the country most richly endowed with all the wealth, power and beauty that nature can bestow, in some parts a very paradise on earth, I should point to India.

If I were asked under what sky the human mind has most developed some of it choicest gifts, has most deeply pondered on the greatest problems of life and has found solutions of some of them which will deserve the attention even of those who have studied Plato and Kant, I should point to India.

And if I were to ask myself from what literature we, here in Europe, who have been nurtured most exclusively on the thoughts of the Greeks and Romans and of the Semitic race and the Jewish may draw that corrective which is most wanted in order to make our inner life more comprehensive, more universal, in fact a more truly human life, again, I should point to India.”



13 thoughts on “Incredible India !!

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog .You have a nice blog(^_^)
    I love this commercial and saw it many times on TV. Your pint to India is absolutely correct and I’m agree too . I’ve never visit there but sure that it is very beautiful place(^_^) 

  2. India, that´s my dreamland… 🙂 Since I was 17 I plan to make a trip to Inda and stay there few weeks, maybe months, but I would need somebody who knows it there. By the way, many thanks for liking my blog! I like yours too, I am very interested in its topic and since I am in an NGO working on cultural exchange, it is also very relevant for me. Thanks for showing up!

    • Oh that’s cool. You should then definitely come here. Be my guest! India really is a very beautiful country, and if you’re really passionate about exploring it, I am pretty sure you’ll love all the moments through your journey! Best Wishes to you 🙂

  3. I love this quote about India – so simple, yet very powerful in it’s own right. I’d like to get there someday. You sure do have a lot going on here, Ankur! Nicely done. Many thanks also for liking one of my recent posts “Calf Creek, Utah” (and, by the same token, I think you’d also be taken aback if you ever visit Utah).

  4. I was in NY once and saw an advert of Incredible India – “Not all Indians are polite and vegetarian.” The pic was of two tigers pawing at each other. It made my day. Hey. nice blog.

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